Why do you fly fish?

Why do you fly fish?

Everyone has their own answer. Some do it simply because they love fishing. Some do it because they love to explore. Some, because they want to escape from the stress of their job. Maybe some people do it because they love spending time with the people they get to fish with. We all have our reasons.

At first, I did it because Matt did it. Matt would beg me to go. Sometimes I wanted to, sometimes I didn’t. I liked being on the raft… in the summer… when I could chill out, enjoy the sunshine, and fish 20% of the time we were on the water.  It would drive him crazy when I wasn’t fishing. Being that brat that I was am, I think him wanting me to do it so bad, made me want to do it less. Stupid, right? Yeah, it’s a dumb girl thing. Anyways… when I pulled my head out of my ass and realized how awesome it was, everything changed. Now, I ask Matt to go. I will go rain or shine. I still hate waders, but I don’t complain as much.

Sorry Matt, for taking so long to appreciate the sport you’ve always loved so much. So glad we get to enjoy something so awesome together now.

So here’s to fishing for your own reasons… and pulling your head out of your ass. Life is so much better when you do, I promise.

Fish on!






Trout Tuesday {Alaskan Rainbow}

One of the best catches of my life was this Alaskan Rainbow Trout caught in Quinhagak, AK last July.

We’d been catching 16-20 inchers all day, so when I caught the first glimpse of this one, my heart started beating a million beats per second. I did not want to lose that guy. People that fish know, that nobody prays as hard as when they have a huge fish on the line that they so badly want to land.

Well… I landed him. It was an amazing feeling, and Trevor, our guide, my hubby and myself were running and dancing all up in that river when we got a good look at him. He measured out at 26 inches and Matt will forever be jealous of the trout I landed in Alaska.

Thank you, Mr. Trout for making my entire summer. You fought like a champ, posed for my pictures, and you put up with my screaming and bad dance moves as I bragged all about you.

Alaska will always have a piece of my heart… owed mostly to moments like this.


Welcome! {New Fly Fishing Blog Alert}

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the new blog! I have been blogging about my photography journey for over 3 years, and although I love sharing my life adventures on that blog (http://blog.tracymoorephotography.com) I think it’s time I separate fishing on it’s own blog!

You can keep up with me on my facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/montanaflygirl

Thanks and I’ll see you on the river! I’ll be the one chugging a redbull with a tight line… 😉


xoxo- T