Trout Tuesday {Alaskan Rainbow}

One of the best catches of my life was this Alaskan Rainbow Trout caught in Quinhagak, AK last July.

We’d been catching 16-20 inchers all day, so when I caught the first glimpse of this one, my heart started beating a million beats per second. I did not want to lose that guy. People that fish know, that nobody prays as hard as when they have a huge fish on the line that they so badly want to land.

Well… I landed him. It was an amazing feeling, and Trevor, our guide, my hubby and myself were running and dancing all up in that river when we got a good look at him. He measured out at 26 inches and Matt will forever be jealous of the trout I landed in Alaska.

Thank you, Mr. Trout for making my entire summer. You fought like a champ, posed for my pictures, and you put up with my screaming and bad dance moves as I bragged all about you.

Alaska will always have a piece of my heart… owed mostly to moments like this.


4 thoughts on “Trout Tuesday {Alaskan Rainbow}

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  2. LOL! yes I’m supporting a REAL wader company now after being soaked for seasons, thank you Simms not so much patagonia. Genuinely one of the best days I had last season for reasons. Chasing lower river rainbows with Matt and Tracy was eventful, sorry to say this but tracy’s fish was big but we had 3 others that were larger that got away. I hope to be hunting fish for these two amazing people for a long time.


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