Big Giveaway!!! C&F Design Fly Box, Flies, Simms Hat & The Longest Silence Book!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

I felt like being a giver today… so I put together a sweet little bundle that will make you smile when you win it. 🙂

It’s pretty easy. Go like my facebook page, comment on this blog post, and then share this contest with your friends on facebook so they have a shot too!

Winner will be announced April 1st. Then maybe I’ll pretend you didn’t win and say “April Fools!” 😉


Your Fishing quote for the day:

Fisherman’s Prayer

Lord help me to catch

a fish so large

that even I in the tell of it

never need to lie…


11 thoughts on “Big Giveaway!!! C&F Design Fly Box, Flies, Simms Hat & The Longest Silence Book!

  1. Love your blog! I’m from WA and learned to fly fish by cheating at my parents’ stocked trout pond in Eastern WA; now get out on any river I can and also head out to Westport, Sekiu, and Canada for some salmon/halibut/ling/sea bass fishing. Love it & appreciate you encouraging more women to get out there!

  2. T, where do I want to go or be right now? Out on the OP with my best bud doing what you did recently, stand in cold water for long hours with good people and something that resembles a wish with a chance of catching a fish.

  3. Started fly fishing about 8 years ago with my wife’s rod – now I’m addicted and she hasn’t fished in years (but we’re working on that) :-). I live in Sheridan, WY and have a lot of great spots nearby. My dream location is the Meraine & AMerican Creeks in Alaska – GREAT Fly Fishing for Trout in August.

  4. Lacey from Minnesota. Never fly fished but am going to learn this year with a friend. I would like to go back to Gunnison, CO (the town of my alma mater) and fly fish there. I spent a lot of time there just hanging out by the river on a sunny spring day or a fall evening when the aspens were turning gold. Watching the people casting their lines out with that perfect rhythm, becoming one with the river, inspired me and drove my desire to learn. Out there, my focus was on school, skiing, and just spending time with friends but now that I’m back in Minnesota, I need a new hobby. The ski hills aren’t quite up to par and I miss the freedom of living in a small time in the valley. I, too, would like to be part of that river culture and hope to one day join them back in Colorado when my knees aren’t up to skiing and college is a distant memory.

  5. Okay..more great prizes? Cool! So I’m from CO, live in Black Forest, CO just outside of Colorado Springs. Started fly fishing when I was 13. My “dream” fly fishing destination is a place I’ve been to a few times, the Patagonia. Although Alaska and New Zealand are close seconds. Thanks again!

  6. Tracy, just stumbled onto your blog today and made me wish I was fishing. My dream fishing place is exactly where I am, Shaktoolik, AK. It’s hard to beat a fall day, with the salmon running right outside your front door. Look forward to reading more of your fishing adventures.

  7. Just learned about your blog last week and its awesome! Glad there are girls that love fishing as much as the guys! I’m from Missoula and I have been fly fishing for about 3 years. I would really like to go Steelheading at some point in the next few years in WA, but ever since the 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour I have wanted to go to Florida and fly fish for Tarpon! Thanks again for the awesome blog!

  8. I’m from northern MN but am living in southeast Iowa now, only been fly fishing a couple years but I’ve been all over already. Getting married in August and we are honeymooning in Costa Rica and flyfishing there. That’s probably my dream location currently.

  9. I’m from Oregon, I have been FLY fishing for about 10 years, and my dream fly fishing location(s) aren’t that exotic; I would love to fish Alaska, but am quite content to fish the Deschutes, Rogue and the Fall River here in Oregon!

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