7 Reasons Fly Fishing Isn’t Boring. (Not just for Old Men!)

“But… isn’t that like… boring? A hobby for old men?”

This is a statement I constantly hear. To be honest, I used to think the same way.

When you think of fly fishing… you think of an old man wading in the shallow waters of a river, puffing on his cigar, with his white-faced yellow lab at his side.

Well folks, this idea of fly fishing couldn’t be more untrue. The sport has evolved, times have changed. Yes, of course there are still a lot of older gents out there on the river, but there are also all kinds of other people out there, too.

Every type of person, old and young, male and female, beginners and experts.

I always thought fly fishing was boring…

I was so wrong.

Here are the top 7 reasons why fly fishing isn’t boring:



Most fly fishers are also adventure junkies. They love so much more than just the fishing part of this sport. It’s about the destination, the hiking, the memories, the conversations you have with the people you are with. Getting caught in a thunderstorm while having a 25 inch trout hooked on your line, sliding down a mudslide to get to an amazing untouched location, flying across the world in search of a fish you’ve only dreamed of seeing in real life. So. Many. Adventures.


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To go along with #1… all of these adventures will bring you to some of the most beautiful locations ever. I would have never visited half of the locations I have seen over the years if we didn’t go to fish there. Fly fishing takes you to some unforgettable places that will be etched in your mind forever. It forces you to explore this amazing planet, and venture out to see new things. Sometimes I get so focused on the fishing… I forget to take a break and appreciate my surroundings.


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When you first learn to fly fish, most likely, someone will let you use their rod, tie everything onto it themselves, not really explain much, and wish you good luck. Or they will hook a fish, then hand you the rod to reel it in. That takes a lot of the fun out of it. Once you learn what rod to use for what purpose, how to tie the fly on yourself, and casting it into a spot you think the fish are hanging out in… then you hook one… once you do that… it’s on. The game has changed. You will appreciate that fish so much more. The fight will mean more to you, the pride feels awesome, and you will get more and more hooked every time this happens.

Take the time to appreciate the beauty of each fish, and enjoy the fight it gives you, and treat that fish with respect by unhooking it, letting it breath, snapping a quick shot, then revive and release and watch it swim away with a big ‘ole smile on your face.


945106_939541664249_1083922773_n 968984_939535027549_2140101818_n 1545100_10100152220326479_1875480871_n 10418406_10154225789205441_5500041199537262678_n

Fly fishing is perceived as a very serious sport. I won’t lie… a lot of people do take it too seriously. There are some we refer to as “the grumpies” on the river. The people who don’t respond when you say hello. The people who give you dirty looks when you have a fish and are screaming for joy. My advice? Ignore the grumpies. Fly fishing doesn’t have to be so serious. We goof off all the time on the boat, and in the water. Relax, have fun, and enjoy the silly moments. Like when your friend falls off the boat. (Dennis… Kerry…)


983957_939539503579_130513834_n 1184967_983909276199_1699884914_n

A lot of our fly fishing trips include camping. These two go hand in hand so well. We have done 2 day camping trips, up to 3 week camping trips. Check out areas near you that have the option of floating, fishing, then camping. One of our favorites is the Smith River, we had a total blast last year and look forward to doing it again.


1235529_986740502399_1842390575_n 10418406_10154225789205441_5500041199537262678_n

Some of our best friends we met through others in the fly fishing industry. When you share the same passion, it’s easy to bond and create a lasting friendship. We’ve gone on some really fun adventures with some incredible people, and I appreciate the friendships that I’ve made in this industry. Also, bonding more with friends I already have through the sport… when you are stuck on a boat together for hours… it’s a sure way to bond. 🙂


432091_820580109159_713419347_n 529120_10100105624739409_1829775605_n 1236987_986060385359_1424169742_n

There are always surprises while fly fishing. Whether it’s getting stuck in a crazy storm, falling off the boat, seeing snakes, turtles, bears, or moose, getting lost, fishing in the dark because you thought the float was much shorter… and millions of other unforeseen events. These surprises always keep you on your toes and you’ll have a great story afterwards. So get ready for anything to happen… and just go with the flow.


Fly fishing isn’t boring. It is what you make it.

Now, go get out there and have some adventures!!


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