5 Things I Must Have With Me On The River.

I have many favorite things that I love having while fly fishing. But I’m going to make this list short and sweet and just go with 5 of my favs.

1. Redington Waders. I have the Sonic-Pro but I am not sure they still carry this model. I checked out the site, and these look pretty sweet too: http://www.redington.com/fly-fishing-waders/waders/womens/siren-wader-marilyn/


2. Fishing Lanyard. I love having the tools I need around my neck. Makes things so much easier. Check out http://www.westernvisionslanyards.com/ and get one!


3. Headband. I am almost always wearing a headband while fishing. I wear hats occasionally, but love the headbands I had made in Tanzania. They are comfy, keep my hair out of the way, and they help out the kiddos I love in Mafia Island! So it’s a win, win!

You can order them here: www.etsy.com/shop/majilove


4. Red Bull. No explanation needed. It just makes me more awesome. And maybe more annoying, but at least I am having fun…


5. Good Peeps. Fishing with an awesome crew, or a good friend always makes the day better. I am not a good solo-fisherwoman… I need socialization. So grab your crew and hit the water!!


What do you have to have on the river? I’d love to hear your answers! Comment and let me know!! Have a great weekend!


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